There are various reasons why people avoid going to the dentist. Anxiety, fear of pain, previous bad experiences, etc. However, one of the most prevalent reasons is cost.

Dental insurance, unlike health insurance in more recent years, does not cover much beyond routine check-ups. And there are many people who have insurance, but can’t afford to pay the additional costs of their dental bill, after insurance pays its portion.

Another barrier to getting adequate dental care is due to the dentists themselves. It is common for only 1 out of 3 dentists to accept Medicaid as payment for their services. This makes it rare for patients to find 19104 low cost dental care.

The crises surrounding dental care has been so bad that PBS’s Frontline did an in-depth investigation in 2012. They found staggering amounts of adults and children who were living with horrendous tooth decay and other serious dental problems.

We Are Dedicated To Providing 19104 Low Cost Dental Care

All of these troubling reasons and more are why Penn Dental Medicine Clinic exists. Because Penn Dental provides clinical training for the next generations of dentists, patients who might otherwise be unable to receive dental care do not have to live with painful and possibly life-threatening oral issues.

Penn Dental offers low-cost dental, Philadelphia depends on. Being located in the city also allows Penn Dental to address a much more diverse demographic of patients. PBS’s Frontline found that among low-income patients, ethnic minorities were greatly underserved.

If you are looking for 19104 low-cost dental care, please do not hesitate to contact us at Penn Dental Medicine Clinic. We strive to serve our Philadelphia neighbors with excellence, giving each patient the comprehensive care and attention they deserve. No longer do you need to procrastinate or worry about being burdened with a crippling dental bill. Come visit a low-cost dentist, Philadelphia is happy about!


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