dental implant doctors

FAQ for Dental Implant Doctors: “How Many Implants Should I Do at One Time?”

Dental Implants Placed at the Right Time Help Your Stomatognathic System to Adapt Properly Dental implantation is one of the most successful dental surgeries available, with patients increasingly opting for this procedure to replace missing teeth. Dental implants present a long-term solution to tooth loss, because they can be embedded in the jawbone the same […]

"Tooth Infection Symptoms"

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore These Tooth Infection Symptoms

Don’t Just Ignore That Toothache Have you ever experienced tooth sensitivity when exposed to hot or cold temperatures? In some cases,extremely painful  sensitive teeth can signify that an infection has occurred. If you’re suffering tooth sensitivity or pain, you may be wondering if you are experiencing symptoms of tooth infection, and what your treatment options […]