Penn Dental Medicine orthodontics

Discover the Different Penn Dental Medicine Orthodontics Has to Offer

Penn Dental Medicine Orthodontics Is Your Best Bet for Straighter, Healthier Teeth! Wondering what options are out there for orthodontic treatment? You might be surprised to learn about new advances in orthodontic technology. The past 20 years have brought an amazing array of alternatives to orthodontic treatment. While traditional metal braces are effective and even […]

why are my gums bleeding

Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

It’s a fairly common question: Why are my gums bleeding? Although bleeding gums can indicate the beginning stages of periodontal disease, it isn’t always an indication of a harsh or lasting condition. Sometimes when the gums bleed, it’s simply a symptom and you may just need to tweak your oral hygiene routine (brushing and flossing). […]

affordable pediatric dentistry options

The Parents’ Guide to Diverse and Affordable Pediatric Dentistry Options

When parents seek a pediatric dentist, they typically want safe, trustworthy, and affordable pediatric dentistry options to choose from. At Penn Dental Medicine, we’re dedicated to providing the highest level of safety, comfort, and modern approaches when it comes to all our dental services. Many studies demonstrate that the earlier you bring your child in […]