What would you do for your child? Someone asked Yahoo answers that very question and the Yahoo community fired back with an interesting list of sacrifices made for children. The list includes giving up swearing, having Netflix suggestions polluted by myriads of kids shows, giving up a lively social calendar, putting hobbies on the back burner and being forced to be friends with other people solely on the merit of whether or not your kids get along.

Affordable Pediatric Dentist Near PhillyThese responses may bring a chuckle, but they illustrate the tip of a very real iceberg: parents will give up nearly anything for their children. If you consider the percentage of the average salary that is required for child support alone (25% in many states), you get a clearer picture of how expensive it is to raise a child.

It’s wonderful to want your child to have the best of everything, but here at Penn Dental Medicine, we believe that the best should not necessarily be the most expensive. It might surprise you to see what turns up when you search for an affordable pediatric dentist near Philly. According to Google’s related searches, the only affordable pediatric dentist near Philly worth really considering is at the Penn Dental Clinic.

Which Affordable Pediatric Dentist Near Philly Should I Choose?

Consider the following three criteria:

  1. Do they have a good reputation?
  2. Are they affordable?
  3. Is their facility up to par?

Penn Dental Clinic is attached to the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dentistry. In keeping with the ivy league tradition, Penn Dental Medicine upholds the highest standards of dentistry. Since it is a school, part of becoming a patient is signing a commitment to being punctual to the hour appointed. No more waiting for hours in a stuffy waiting room. For kids, that can be torture!

Penn Dental Medicine also offers the most affordable pediatric dentists, with discounted rates at roughly half of a private practitioner’s.

The price is unbeatable, there’s no waiting every time you go in for a check-up, and you can rest assured your child is being treated by the very best.

Want more information? Already convinced? Go to our website to find out more or to set up an appointment today!


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