Affordable-Dental-BridgesWhen you look at the pictures of smiling celebrities in the news or on magazine covers, it’s easy to think that a beautiful smile costs millions. While there are some very good, very expensive cosmetic dentists in Hollywood, you don’t need to pay Hollywood prices to have an amazing smile. What really makes your smile shine is you, and it’s not necessary to break the bank to enhance your teeth.

There are plenty of affordable options for cosmetic and general dental work for people willing to look, especially in the Philadelphia area. Penn Dental Medicine provides stellar dental care for many patients at much lower rates than you’ll find at other clinics. While the service we provide covers a wide range of applications, we are most proud of our extremely affordable cosmetic dentistry options. If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry options such as affordable dental bridges, Penn Dental Medicine is the place to look.

The Affordable Dental Bridges Philadelphia Can’t Ignore

Penn Dental Medicine is proud to offer many affordable dental care options, including affordable dental bridges and dental crowns. These procedures can come with a hefty price tag at some dental offices, but under the care of our team you’ll get some of the finest dental work available at an extremely affordable price.

Dental bridges and crowns are common dental procedures that fall into both the “cosmetic dentistry” and “prosthodontics” categories. These highly flexible treatments can help patients who are missing teeth or who have damaged or misshapen teeth. By fitting a custom-made cap over a tooth, it can be increased to a size and shape that will blend in with your other teeth. These synthetic replacements can even fill in gaps left by missing teeth by “bridging” a gap between two crowns with porcelain dental bridges.

Because these porcelain prostheses are usually custom made, they can be expensive. A dentist will need to take many measurements and observations before fitting a patient for a crown. Usually, the tooth that will receive the crown also needs to be filed down to make sure the crown fits properly. These procedures take time, and a dentist’s time can be expensive.

The advantage that Penn Dental Medicine offers is the time of caregivers who are learning how to perfect these procedures that they’ve spent so long practicing. Make no mistake: our prosthodontists-in-training are dentists already, having already dedicated years of their lives to learning about dentistry. Under the tutelage of our world-class instructors, our patients will receive top-of-the-line, low-cost dental bridges.

If you’re looking for affordable dental bridges or crowns, Penn Dental Medicine can provide the care you need. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about our prosthodontic program or set up an appointment to learn about we can do for your smile!


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