Many dental patients are faced with the choice between dentures, bridges or implants. For patients free of periodontal disease and with a healthy jaw bone, implants are an excellent option. Dental implants are easily the most durable option as well as the easiest option to care for on a day-to-day basis.

Dental implants have the least impact on your remaining healthy teeth, since they necessitate neither tooth removal nor the wearing down of neighboring teeth to create a bridge. And, unlike dentures, you don’t have to worry about implants sliding around in your mouth or causing difficulties when you eat or speak. If you’re looking for affordable dental implants near Manayunk, read on to learn more!

When you receive a dental implant, the implant becomes part of your mouth so you will never experience the sensation of carrying a foreign object in your mouth. Many consider this the number one benefit of dental implants. However, if you’re considering getting dental implants in Philadelphia, PA, you should keep in mind that there is still maintenance to be done after receiving an implant, but it pales in comparison to the amount of maintenance necessitated with dentures or dental bridges.

If you live in Manayunk and finding affordable dental implants sounds like a good idea, what is the next step?

Manayunk Locals Find Affordable Dental Implants At Penn Dental

Penn Dental Medicine offers the highest-quality, cheapest dental implants in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. One of the top-10 dental schools in the nation, Penn Dental Medicine is the home of the dental clinic you’ve been looking for.  After applying to be part of the program that offers the best affordable dental implants around Manayunk,  locals only need to think about what mode of transportation they’re going to take. The rest is taken care of by postdoctoral residents, closely overseen by the region’s top teaching dentists. For the follow up and aftercare, predoctoral students may be involved in your treatment, but not for the initial procedure.

Visit Penn Dental Medicine’s website to get more information on becoming a patient.

Affordable Dental Implants Around Manayunk | Affordable Dental Implants Near Manayunk