Dental care and dental work can be prohibitively costly, but if you know where to go it is possible to find an affordable dentist around Harrisburg.  Many people postpone dental work because of cost or stress related to getting dental care, but what they don’t know about procrastination may hurt them.

Based on her research, Dr. Fuschia Sirois hypothesized that the poor health of people who procrastinate may be directly related to the stress of procrastinating and indirectly related to the postponement of important health practices including getting regular check-ups with affordable dental care near Harrisburg.  Cavities that are left untreated may result in infections requiring root canal. Don’t forget that prevention now may save you money and lengthy dental procedures later.

Penn Dental Medicine Clinic knows how important it is to have access to a quality, affordable dentist around Harrisburg, and that’s why our clinics provide not only general dentistry, but a full service of dental care including; pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral medicine, crowns and bridges, dentures, periodontics, oral surgery, dental implants, endodontics and radiology.

Seeking A Quality and Affordable Dentist Around Harrisburg? Then Look No Further!

Penn Dental Medicine Clinic provides inexpensive dental care, and we are different from private dental services because our Clinical Education Program’s primary role is to train dental health professionals. Our student doctors are overseen by faculty to ensure the best quality care.  Our patients benefit from our clinics in a variety of ways:

  • Patients are charged a reasonable fee to cover the operating costs and services of the clinic, giving you access to an inexpensive dentist around Harrisburg.
  • Student doctors use state-of-the-art technology.
  • Payment plans are available including Care Credit and Dental Insurance.
  • We value and respect our patients

Don’t let procrastination keep you from getting the affordable dental care around Harrisburg you need. Interested in becoming a patient? Please go to affordable dentist around Harrisburg to learn how to become a patient and schedule an initial appointment or call us at 215-898-8965. Penn Dental Medicine Clinic will evaluate your dental care needs; please note that some patients may not become active patients to be treated by student doctors if they do not fit the needs of our educational curriculum. Fill out an inquiry for an appointment today. (Please see bottom of page.)

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