If you live in Norristown, chances are you’re familiar with University of Pennsylvania.

Let’s revise that: if you live in America, chances are you’re familiar with University of Pennsylvania.

Penn has an unparalleled reputation as an Ivy League university that produces some of the most brilliant minds in academics, including the medical sciences. And as a research institution, Penn has produced some of the most notable advances in medical science and skilled doctors. It’s not surprising that dental patients can receive superior care and treatment at Penn. What may surprise you, though, is that Penn is an option for an affordable dentist in Norristown.

At Penn Dental Medicine, we offer an excellent alternative to low-quality, budget dentistry for those looking for an affordable dentist in Norristown. At Penn Dental, our patients are treated by Penn Dental students. This enables Penn to simultaneously offer affordable dentistry and elite education.

Elite Student Doctors At Penn

Because Penn Dental Medicine is part of a clinical education program, dental care is provided by student doctors–who, in turn, are overseen by the Penn dental staff to ensure reliable, quality treatment. And, because the students who will be performing treatments are Penn students, your care is coming from today’s most exceptional dental students–and some of tomorrow’s most notable professional dentists.

Receiving care through a clinical education program is a mutually beneficial experience: you receive elite-grade, affordable care–and know that you are helping to advance the education of promising dental students.

Rather than compromising quality, Penn Dental Medicine offers an alternative treatment option that maintains an elite standard of care with affordable rates. For those seeking affordable dental care in Norristown who are interested in receiving treatment at Penn will need to schedule an appointment to determine candidacy for treatment through the clinical education program. To learn more about treatment options and rates or to schedule an appointment, contact Penn Dental Medicine today!


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