Affordable Dentist Near Center CityWhen the pain starts, there’s nowhere else to go besides the dentist.

We know–we’re probably not your favorite destination by a long shot, but believe us–we don’t want to use the drill any more than you do. As dentists, our first priority is prevention. That’s why you might have heard your dentist explaining what you need to do differently when you come in for your cleanings: so you can take charge of your own health and prevent serious problems before they can occur.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable dentist near Center City to get your annual teeth cleaning, or you are concerned that there may be a problem, there´s no time like the present. We hope that these 5 facts about affordable dentistry will be useful for you on your search for the right dentist:

  • Always check payment plans. Many dentists offer plans that will allow you to make smaller payments over a number of months. This is often what makes the difference so that many patients can get the needed operation done right away.
  • Ask if they have discounts for people without insurance. Sometimes you can get discounts on certain procedures when you don’t carry an insurance because the cost assumes that an insurance company is paying. It never hurts to ask, right?
  • Check if you’re eligible for Medicaid. Some states offer services to eligible families and individuals. If you’re under 21, you may likely be able to benefit from some emergency and/or comprehensive Medicaid services.
  • Research dental savings plans. Designed for individuals and families to save on their dental care, these plans can save you 10-60% of your bill. How it works: participating dental care providers agree to accept the discounted fee from plan members. You show your membership to the provider and get discounted services.
  • Dental schools provide deep discounts. A surefire way of getting discounted dental care is going to a dental school, where you’ll save a lot of the cost in return for being the patient of a dentist-in-training, supervised by a highly experienced professional.

Penn Dental Medicine operates out of a dental school in order to give you discounted prices on services. You benefit from a team of professionals across a wide range of specialties and high-quality treatment. To start experiencing affordable dentistry near Center City, start today with a  $25 coupon on your first visit. 


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