Why Finding an Affordable Dentist Near Conshohocken Can Be as Painful as a Tooth Extraction…

Contrary to popular belief, having a tooth pulled shouldn’t hurt as the deed is being done as long as the doctor administers proper anesthesia. Pain and discomfort typically occur in the days that follow a tooth extraction.

affordable-dentist-near-conshohockenSimilarly, when searching for an affordable dentist near Conshohocken you may not feel the financial pinch at first, but after receiving treatment you’ll feel the pain of dental fees burning a hole through your wallet!

Here’s why we make the comparison:

  1. Finding an affordable dentist near Conshohocken can be stressful.
    Did you know that 44% of expenditures at dental offices are paid out-of-pocket?Considering that, it’s not surprising that 37% of Americans needing dental care this year reported that they avoided seeking dentistry because of cost (Children’s Dental Health Survey). It wouldn’t be a far jump to say that perhaps those people are the same 36% of Americans that don’t have any form of dental insurance (National Association of Dental Plans).

    It’s just a different feeling when you go into your doctor’s office and know that your insurance is covering you. So yes, for many people it can be a huge stressor to find an affordable dentist when they’re trying to treat a condition, or even just get a routine cleaning.

  2. Finding an affordable dentist near Conshohocken may seem impossible if you don’t know where to look.
    You may not know all the options when it comes to affordable dentistry, especially if you used to have insurance and now you’re without. Take heart: there are many options that ensure quality care at affordable cost. 

    Many dentists offer payment plans so that you can spread out the fees over a period of months. You can also search online for coupons (see MoneyCrasher’s article for websites offering deals).Participating in medical studies is another option, though you have to ensure that you fit the qualifications they are looking for. Last, going to a dental school will give you quality AND reliable care at very reduced cost. Dental schools do not typically charge the same fees as your average dental clinic because of their unique educational mission.

Penn Dental Medicine is One  Affordable Dentist Near Conshohocken

We write blogs to educate the public that there ARE affordable options out there when it comes to dentistry. No person should go without the care they need simply because they think they can’t pay. If you’re living near Conshohocken or the surrounding Philadelphia area, Penn Dental Medicine may be just the option for you. We offer quality care at discounted rates for people just like you.

You can contact us here or call 215-898-8965 for more information!


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