According to the Chapman Survey of American Fears, 2016, 39.9% of Americans said they were afraid of not having adequate funds in the future.

Perhaps that’s why so many Americans avoid going to the dentist, even when they really need it. 37% of Americans who needed to go to a dentist this year didn’t go because of the cost (Children’s Dental Health Survey). It’s fair to say that people are under a lot of stress what with health care costs rising, so a trip to the dentist is most likely the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Prevention is much less costly than neglect. But even when a problem starts, it’s never too late. Then you need to call your affordable dentist near DE or PA to get you back to your normal state of health. Affordable is even more of a priority when the Affordable Care Act has been less than affordable and you start feeling like you’re paying double on everything. But don’t let that be a reason not to seek lower cost treatment.

Penn Dental Medicine is the answer when it comes to affordable dental care. You won’t believe the prices we are able to offer, because we want patients to realize their right to quality dental care, at lower cost. Our clinic operates out of a dental school, which allows us to keep prices much lower than market value.

Prevent disease. Minimize risk of cavities, infection, and inflammation. Show the world your clean, white smile. Going to the dentist regularly and getting treatment when you realize your teeth or gums hurt always pays in the long run, for your overall health and your wallet. If you’d like to meet the most affordable dentist near DE or PA, fill out this easy form or call us at 215-898-8965 to get your first appointment. You won’t regret it.