When your car has reached 3,000 miles on the odometer, a little yellow light pops up on the dashboard: time to change your oil. That little light won’t turn off until you’ve changed your oil. That’s a normal situation; about as normal as the number of people who disregard that little yellow light and keep driving. “It’s just the oil.”

And then there’s a bigger problem: the blinking “check engine” light that dings everytime you turn your car on. The first few times you ignore it, everything is fine. But it only takes one trip to end up stranded on the side of the road, walking down a freezing highway in blistering wind.

And then there’s the repair bill. The mechanic delivers a jaw-dropping estimate of how much money and time it will take to repair what was–mere moments ago–a small dinging noise when you started your car. The time it takes to process the change in events is the time it takes for that empty, dark feeling of regret to begin gnawing at your stomach (and your wallet)!

Most people have been through that wringer at least once and have learned that preventative care is just as important as restorative care. And yet it’s just that easy to forget this crucial lesson when you’re thinking about getting an affordable dentist near Haddonfield.

Find An Affordable Dentist Near Haddonfield Who Offers the Care You Need

Restorative Care is probably the first reason you’re looking for an affordable dentist near Haddonfield. An affordable dentist for low income tends to see a lot of fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures. It’s human to start looking for affordable dentists near Haddonfield when your body is sending painful signals that something isn’t right.

Preventative Care may seem secondary in importance; however, as the car analogy illustrated, one ounce of prevention is worth two pounds of cure. Tooth cleaning, checking soft tissue, and screening for oral cancer and other potential problems: all of these are essential to having healthy teeth and healthy gums. A pain-free life starts with good preventative care. Find an affordable dentist near Haddonfield who offers all of these services at greatly reduced cost at Penn Dental Medicine.

Don’t wait for the pain to come to you–get checked today.

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