In 2015, asked a dental professional about the future of dentistry. You can view what this particular dental professional had to say here. We have consulted with an affordable dentist near University City to see if the predictions made have become a reality in the last year.

Answers From An Affordable Dentist Near University City


  1. Affordable Dentist Near University CityWill dental education loans become mainstream enough to make an impact?
    The idea that dentists can obtain an education and then pay back the cost of that education within a matter of one of two years is at the heart of dental education loans. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the current model. Loans still work on interest, thereby putting new dentists under the added stress of repaying their loans before they become drowned in the interest payments alone.
  2. Is dental hygiene becoming affordable yet, given the fact that 1 out of 4 Americans over the age of 65 has lost all their natural teeth?
    Penn Dental Medicine, the most affordable dentist near University City, offers dental hygiene at significantly reduced rates. That, however, is not the common state of affairs. Regrettably, dental hygiene is still largely inaccessible and often seen as superfluous by the general public. Even when dental hygiene is affordable, it’s infrequently prioritized.
  3. Is consumer education happening?
    From the standpoint of this University City-area affordable dentist, yes! However, the blogs and information that we are putting out are not always the norm. That being said, more and more dentists are taking advantage of writing blogs to conduct effective inbound marketing. A side effect of this is that more consumers have access to more information.
  4. Have Americans accepted the current state of affairs, or is affordable dental care becoming more widely available?
    The statistics for 2015 aren’t out yet, but it would seem that not much has changed. Even the affordable care act has changed precious little with regards to dental care.

One affordable dentist near University City is out to change all that–the only way that real change happens: by setting a standard! Penn Dental Medicine is committed to revolutionizing the way people see dental care by offering affordable dental care, educating the average consumer, and always maintaining the highest standards of care. To find out how you may qualify to be on the receiving end of these exceptional services, contact Penn Dental Medicine today.


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