No matter what age we are, we’re prone to cavities and gum disease based on how we care for our smiles. But our teeth feel the same effects of wear and tear as our aging bodies do.  Many factors contribute to the way our teeth are affected by age, but having access to affordable dentistry in Conshohocken as we age is important.

How Age Affects Our Teeth

As we age, maintaining a thorough oral hygiene routine is key to keeping a healthy smile, and seeing a dentist regularly can help delay the effects age can have on your smile. Here are a few ways your teeth may change as you age.

Teeth Become Weaker

The older we get the weaker our teeth get, which leaves us vulnerable to cracks, fractures or breaks. Even the smallest crack can compromise your teeth by providing a prime environment for bacteria to grow causing cavities or gum disease. An affordable dental clinic can help you prevent and treat issues that arise with your dental care.

Increased Tooth Decay

Older adults, ages 65 and older, are experiencing more tooth decay for various reasons. According to the American Dental Association, 39% of this age demographic are taking up to 5 prescription drugs which can lead to dry mouth. Without saliva washing away the foods we eat it can leave mouths a hotbed for bacteria and plaque buildup. Plaque buildup leads to tooth decay and periodontal disease. Health conditions such as diabetes can also put the elderly at higher risk for gum disease and tooth decay.

Tooth Crowding

Our teeth shift as we age so that slightly crooked tooth you had as a child can become even more crooked as you age. While shifting teeth might not seem like a major issue, it can turn into one if not addressed by seeing a dentist. A shift in your teeth means that it can be harder to clean them properly, leaving your teeth open to more plaque buildup and tooth decay. It’s like a domino effect: shifting teeth are harder to thoroughly clean, and then plaque buildup leads tooth decay, then to cavities and/or tooth loss.

Penn Dental Medicine offers affordable dentistry in Conshohocken for people of all ages! Don’t let your smile fade as you age come see us for a dental visit!


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