One of the miracles of the information age is the immediacy of our ability to obtain answers to our questions. Gone are the days of fruitless debates over facts–one quick Google search turns up the answer. Gone are the days of walking and walking, wondering where exactly 12th street intersects with Walnut. Gone are the days of exploring a new neighborhood to see what kind of commodities it offers. Gone are the days of flipping through a giant yellow phonebook to find a dentist.

Affordable Dentistry Near MeNow, you can just look it up: “are sharks mammals?” “12th and Walnut!” “Ice cream parlors near me.” “Affordable dentistry near me.” And voila! You have your answer!

If you’re living in or near Philadelphia, chances are you’ve already searched “affordable dentistry near me.” At least in this, there’s a catch. When you’re looking for directions, the answers tend to be pretty straightforward. When you’re looking for affordable dentistry close by, the results can be less straightforward. First of all, each person’s definition of affordable varies. Secondly, advertisers often have a less-than-tenuous relationship with the truth. So what guiding principles should inform your decision?

How to Choose the Right Affordable Dentistry Near Me

  • Define Affordable

    There is no fixed scale of dental costs, so it’s hard to identify one specific price as ‘good’ or ‘not good’. Beyond that, you can search “dental school near me” or “dentist near me that take payments.” Dental schools often charge 50%-70% less than an average school. A surprising amount of dentists don’t take payments, so that can really narrow down the list.

  • Look for Real Qualifications

    Many businesses are willing to fudge the truth to bring in more customers, but this is often visible in the language they use. They rely heavily on superlatives–“best” “greatest” “cheapest” “smartest”–while, in reality, there is little of the superlative about their establishment. Rather than being sucked in by empty superlatives, look for real qualifications, and see if they are backed by a name you can trust.

Don’t search for “dental work done free” or “cheap dentures” or “cheap tooth extraction.” Rather, search for “affordable dentistry near me.” Armed with this guide on sorting through the results, you should find one that suits your needs soon enough.

If you want to skip the process, however, just call Penn Dental Medicine. Penn Dental Medicine is the affordable dental clinic you’ve been searching for, and it’s part of the University of Pennsylvania–one of the most trusted names in academia! Contact Penn Dental Medicine today to see if you qualify to receive the best low-cost dentistry near you.

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