What is the most common reason people avoid seeing the dentist? It might not be what you think.  People avoid the dentist, not because they’re afraid of the dentist, but because they’re afraid of the cost.  As of 2012, an estimated 42% of Americans don’t have dental insurance.  Those with dental insurance go for checkups and cleanings, but still avoid getting major dental procedures due to cost. Not only do you want to find dental care you can afford, but you want a dentist you can trust! At Penn Dental Medicine we can provide you with trusted and affordable dentistry near New Jersey.

Affordable Dentistry near New Jersey You Can Trust

At Penn Dental Medicine, our student doctors are being trained by the leading experts in their field. This means you’ll will be receiving the highest quality care by student doctors and leading experts at an affordable price to you. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive, patient-centered oral health care, within the scope of our educational programs.  Our comprehensive care begins the moment you contact us to schedule your first appointment, and continues with our staff, faculty, and students.

What Affordable Services Do We Provide?

Here are some of the specialities that Penn Dental Medicine provides:

How To Become a Patient

In order to become a patient with Penn Dental Medicine, call to schedule your initial examination.  Your first examination will begin with a brief medical history, a brief physical exam, and a dental exam to assess eligibility to participate in our program.

Once you’ve been approved you’ll be assigned to a student doctor in our pre doctoral or postdoctoral clinics. At your second appointment, your student doctor will complete a comprehensive dental exam under the supervision of one of our faculty members. At this time we’ll provide you with a treatment plan. If this treatment plan falls in line with our clinical needs, we’ll set the next appointment to begin treatment. If, however, the treatment plan isn’t in accordance with our educational purposes at that time, we’ll give you a treatment plan we feel is appropriate for your needs.

Contact Penn Dental Medicine today, and get the affordable dentistry near New Jersey that you deserve!

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