There are many reasons to put off seeing a dentist. Some may not think their dental care is important or critical to their health. Others may be afraid to see a dentist due to painful past experiences. Many Americans are also afraid of the high cost of dental care. Those who fear visiting the dentist for financial reasons may see trips to dentist only in terms of dollar signs. It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that 42% of Americans don’t have dental insurance, and those that do carry dental insurance still have to put out a considerable amount of money for major dental procedures. However, dental visits and comprehensive dental care are very important factors of your overall health.

Affordable Dentistry Near Overbrook

At Penn Dental Medicine, we understand the expense of seeing a dentist when you are without dental insurance can be very intimidating. It can keep patients from seeing a dentist at all, even when facing pain and discomfort. We also know that it’s hard to find a dentist you can trust. We want to provide you with both affordable dentistry near Overbrook, and dentistry of the highest quality.

How can you get affordable dentistry through Penn Dental Medicine?

Our primary goal at Penn Dental Medicine is to train our student doctors to be the next leading experts in their field. This means you will be receiving the highest quality care by student doctors who are being trained by the current leading experts in the field at an affordable price to you. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive, patient-centered oral health care within the scope of our educational programs.  Our comprehensive care begins the moment you contact us to schedule your first appointment, and continues with our staff, faculty, and students.

What are some of the affordable services that Penn Dental Medicine provides?

Don’t continue to delay seeing a dentist due to cost. Contact Penn Dental Medicine today to receive affordable dentistry near Overbrook!