The phrase “root canal” may not evoke fond memories for most dental patients. A typical reaction to hearing these words may be a cringe or remembering painful dental treatments in the past. Just the thought of a root canal can a patient running away from their endodontist rather than running to them for relief. Another reason patients may run in the other direction? The cost! If you’re in need of affordable endodontics around Cherry Hill then head to Penn Dental Medicine!

Take a short drive to find affordable endodontics around Cherry Hill.At Penn Dental Medicine, we offer affordable dental care provided by our dental students who are trained, guided, and mentored by the very best in the industry. You can rest easy knowing that dental care can be affordable, but we want to take it a step further and reassure you about the realities of endodontics and root canals.

Myths About Root Canals

Myth #1  – Root Canals Are Painful

Remember cringing at the thought of a painful root canal? Here’s the reality: With state of the art dental techniques coupled with modern anesthetics, a root canal shouldn’t be any more painful than a routine filling.

Myth #2  – Root Canals Cause Infection

Teeth that have been root canaled are thought to be silent incubators for toxic bacteria that can make their way into your bloodstream. This myth is unfounded, and there isn’t research to prove that root canals can cause systemic infection.

Myth #3 – Tooth Extraction Is Better

Some may think that a root canal is far more costly than having your tooth extracted. The reality is although a tooth extraction is less expensive, in the long run you’ll likely have to pay more for dental implants, crowns, or bridges. If you’re able to save your tooth through a root canal, that cost is significantly less.

It’s a short drive to find affordable endodontics around Cherry Hill. Contact Penn Dental Medicine today to schedule an appointment.


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