When a patient is in need of endodontic treatment, time is of the essence. However, many patients are on a budget that cannot accommodate the often major fees associated with endodontic procedures.

Affordable Endodontics Near RittenhouseEndodontics is the treatment of the inside of the tooth, also known as the dental pulp. Dental pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. When endodontic treatment is needed, you may experience swelling or infection which can cause extreme pain. If inflammation or infection are left untreated, pain may increase drastically or lead to a dangerous abscess.

Where can you find an endodontist who won’t break the bank? If you are looking for affordable endodontics near Rittenhouse, Penn Dental Medicine has exactly what you’re looking for. Penn Dental Medicine is home to an endodontic clinic that serves the community while training the next generation of specialty dentists. Under faculty supervision, you will be receiving quality treatment from both pre-doctoral students and post-doctoral students.

How To Get Treatment

Schedule an initial exam by calling 215-898-8965. During your exam, our doctors will record your medical history, perform a physical exam and a brief dental evaluation. During this visit, we will determine if you are eligible for our clinical program and we will proceed with scheduling you another visit to meet your student doctor who will be working closely with you.

We will complete a comprehensive examination at your second visit, creating a treatment plan that shows you the areas of concern in your mouth. If your treatment plan is in accordance with the student doctor’s needs, treatment will begin at your next appointment.

What Makes Penn Dental Medicine Affordable?

As a teaching clinic, Penn Dental Medicine is able to offer affordable endodontics near Rittenhouse. When you receive treatment here, you are getting top quality dentistry as our student doctor’s are under constant supervision and are being guided by the best in the industry. Since this is in a teaching setting, you will receive a discounted price on your services.

Please note that payment is due at the time of service. If you are in need of additional financial help, we can file dental insurance claims for you — as well as helping you get started on a payment plan through Care Credit.

For more information on how Penn Dental Medicine can become the affordable endodontics near Rittenhouse that you can trust,  give us a call at 215-898-8965. We look forward to hearing from you!


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