Bleeding gums. Persistent bad breath. Shifting teeth. Gum inflammation.

These are just a few of the symptoms that affect patients with periodontal diseases. Patients with early-stage gingivitis will begin to notice the emergence of such symptoms, particularly gum bleeding and inflammation. Without intervention by a qualified periodontist, these symptoms can worsen as the disease advances to serious periodontitis.

While the specialized services of a periodontist in Philadelphia could effectively reverse the onset of periodontal diseases, many patients wait until their symptoms have reached a critical stage before pursuing dental care. For some patients, financial restraints are a major factor preventing them from proactively seeking treatment.

That’s why access to an affordable periodontist is so important, and it’s why Penn Dental Medicine is proud to offer affordable periodontists for Philadelphia-area patients.

Affordable Periodontists at Penn Dental Medicine

Penn Dental Medicine is helping broaden accessibility to elite-grade dental care by offering  discounted clinical care to patients in Philadelphia. As a teaching clinic for the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine, Penn Dental Medicine serves the dual purposes of offering an affordable alternative to standard dental care and providing the most promising dental students with applied, clinical experience.

Periodontists receive three additional years of specialized training in addition to completing a DMD program, and as a result, will have the most advanced skills and knowledge of how to treat issues pertaining to your gums and dental implants.  All treatments at Penn Dental Medicine are supervised by licensed dental professionals and because Penn Dental Medicine is a part of the world-renowned University of Pennsylvania, our physicians have access to the most cutting-edge methods, technology, and medical resources.

Specialized Periodontal Treatments

Why is finding a periodontal specialist so critical? Only periodontists can provide patients with the types of specialized, targeted treatments patients of gum diseases and placement of dental implants.

Periodontists at Penn Dental Medicine provide the following treatments and services:

  • Preventive care for periodontal disease
  • Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease
  • Placement of dental implants
  • Treatment of oral inflammation
  • Provision of cosmetic periodontal procedures

Are you asking: “Where can I find an affordable periodontist near me?” Penn Dental Medicine is proud to be your provider of affordable periodontists. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Penn Dental Medicine today.