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Did you know that –
Best Dentist Norristown

  1. People with a beautiful smile have a higher statistical probability of being happier.
  2. A practice that takes you 2 minutes a day could save you hundreds of dollars down the line.
  3. There is a dental practice that has not only world-class dentists but also highly reduced costs for patients just like you.

These three statements, as incredible as they might seem, are all true. Whether you’re looking for the best dentist in Norristown or Radnor, you can find the care you’re looking for at Penn Dental Medicine in Philadelphia. Curious to learn more? Let’s dive into the reasons behind these statements:

  1. A study by the University of Manchester showed a correlation between missing teeth and a patient’s quality of life. People with dentures had lower confidence and were more likely to feel stress than those with natural teeth or dental implants.

    Another study correlated the two in the opposite direction: people who reported low levels of happiness demonstrated worse oral health. The moral of the story? You have a better chance at happiness when you have better dental health. Which leads us to our second point…

  2. Few people correctly gauge the importance of flossing in oral health. Because unremoved bacteria can become plaque and plaque can morph into tartar, the space between your teeth is extremely vulnerable to oral disease, cavities, and infections. For less than 2 minutes a day, you can save hundreds of dollars down the road by minimizing your future need for treatment and/or dental work. Yes, it’s that simple!
  3. Penn Dental Medicine is a highly renowned dental school which operates a clinic as part of its educational mission. Students are trained by world-class dentists who supervise every step of patients’ treatment. And if you feel you have a complicated case, this is the place to bring it! We have specialists of every type under one roof. Many patients initially come to us because of our low rates (make sure you use our first-time patient discount coupon). Don’t miss out on this chance to get excellent care (with the best dentists in Norristown, Radnor, and the greater Philadelphia area more generally) for the lowest prices on the market!

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