Young woman patient with brown hair opens her mouth as dentist wearing blue gloves examines her teeth.

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Why Root Canal Therapy Isn’t What You Imagined One of the most deeply misunderstood dental procedures is the root canal.  Maybe part of the problem comes from the ominous-sounding name. After all, words like “crown,” “cap,” and “bridge” all have a more familiar ring to them. But did you know that the term “root canal” […]

A woman smiles and points to where a tooth would be in the bottom jaw while holding a model of a dental implant with her other hand.

Q & A: Restorative Dental Care with Dr. David Hershkowitz

Learn About PDM’s Unique Approach to Restorative Dentistry We recently had the chance to interview Dr. David Hershkowitz, Penn Dental Medicine’s newest restorative dental care provider. Dr. Hershkowitz is board certified and NYS-licensed in general anesthesia and parenteral sedation. Below, you’ll find the details about how Dr. Herkowitz came to practice general dentistry, why he […]