Cheap Dental ServiceThis is a tale of two young women, and how cheap dental service made a difference in their lives.

Patty and Cheryl grew up in the same town in eastern Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. These friends went to the same school and had friends in common. They were bright, talented women with big dreams.

Patty and Cheryl also both came from loving families with several brothers and sisters. Patty loved going on walks outside with her family, while Cheryl had a gift for making crafts and often stayed at home, working on her projects. They both ate a fairly typical American diet, if perhaps a bit more healthy than the norm.

In many ways, Patty and Cheryl were very similar. But in one way, they were different.

Patty’s parents had never specifically taught her the value of daily dental care. They did try to teach her to brush her teeth and floss, but since it wasn’t a big priority in her house, it didn’t become a priority for her growing up. As a child, she brushed her teeth a few times a week, and visited the dentist once every few years.

Cheryl, on the other hand, was raised with the strict mandate never to go to bed without brushing and flossing. By the time she was a young adult, she kept up these habits unfailingly; mainly because she had gotten used to the feeling of a clean mouth before sleep! She also made her yearly pilgrimage to the dentist’s office for an annual checkup.

One year, when Patty did turn up at her dentist’s office, it turned out that something was very wrong. She had six cavities in her mouth and her gums were thinning and receding. Her dentist told her she would need reconstructive dentistry because a few of her teeth would have to be removed.

Desperate, Patty called up her long-time friend Cheryl. Paying her way through college on a limited budget, she knew she didn’t have the resources to get her teeth replaced. And she wasn’t thrilled about the idea of walking around college with 6 holes in her mouth! Dental implants were her first choice, but she had no idea how she’d pay for them.

Cheryl told Patty that she’d recently learned about an affordable option for students: cheap dental service from a dental school clinic.

“If you go to a dental school,” she told Patty, “you won’t have to pay all the costs you normally would. It’ll be cheap. The doctors there won’t let anything go wrong during your treatment.”

Patty was desperate for a solution. Hearing the words “UPenn” and “cheap” convinced her. She didn’t quite believe that she’d be able to get Ivy League level dentistry at an affordable cost to her, but she was ready to get her mouth fixed, and get on with her life!

Little did she know the difference that Penn’s cheap dental services would make in her life. Several months later, she was happily sporting her new dental implants and taking much better care of her teeth. An affordable dental payment plan made it possible for her to keep going to college while also paying off a dental service that was given to her at a low cost. She was eager to tell all her friends about what a great deal it was and how quality the care had been!

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