Cheap Dental ServiceUnfortunately, when we hear or see the word cheap we automatically think poor-quality, substandard, or inferior. But what if the title of this article read, Affordable Dental Services and Your Child’s Oral Health? Would you think inferior care or would you think quality dental care for your child at an affordable price for you?

At Penn Dental Medicine, we don’t want the cost of dental care to get in the way of your child’s dental health. So how can we provide a high-quality cheap dental service for your child?

The Importance of Pediatric Dental Care

Before we talk about the how Penn Dental Medicine can provide cheap, quality dental services for your child, let’s discuss why pediatric dental care is important.

Some parents may not realize the importance of keeping up with their child’s dental checkups.  There is a misconception that just because baby teeth are going to fall out, they are not crucial components of your child’s future dental health. Did you know that the earlier you start brushing your children’s teeth and teaching them about proper oral hygiene, the healthier their smiles will be throughout their lives?

Your child’s baby teeth hold a space for their permanent teeth. When that space has been compromised, teeth can shift and become crooked or overcrowded. Crooked teeth and overcrowding can cause pockets or hard to reach places that are difficult to clean. These areas can be a prime spot where bacteria grows causing gingivitis or the early stages of tooth decay. These issues can then cause problems for your child’s adult or permanent teeth.

It’s important to teach your children about proper oral hygiene in order to keep their smiles healthy, and part of a healthy smile begins with seeing a pediatric dentist. The best part about going to Penn Dental Medicine is receiving quality care that’s affordable.

How is Penn Dental Medicine able to provide cheap dental services for your child?

Affordable Pediatric Dental Care

Because Penn Dental Medicine is the teaching clinic of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, we have the opportunity to provide superior pediatric dental care without the high cost you’d see at a private pediatric dental office.

Pediatric patients who visit our teaching clinic receive top-quality care, not only from our pediatric dental students, but also from some of the best pediatric dental experts in the industry. Our students are trained, mentored, and guided by industry experts and faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, giving your child affordable comprehensive quality care without the concern of high cost.

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