Learn ways to save and prevent.

With health care costs becoming increasingly unpredictable and the future of healthcare uncertain, it´s become more important for people to find affordable dental care. Any way to save is a good option, right?

But you may not always get the quality you are looking for when you go cheap on dental. You have to trust the integrity of the dentists to charge you appropriately and diagnose your problem for what it actually is. That´s a lot of trust when you think about it. That´s why we recommend going with a name with a reputation behind it.

At Penn Dental Medicine, our patients rest assured that they are receiving the best quality care and are not only being charged fairly– they receive some of the deepest discounts available in the dental industry. Being a clinic that operates out of a dental school, Penn Dental Medicine offers lower prices not only for common operations but the big ones, too.

Most people need to go to the dentist for one of these three problems. Your Conshohocken affordable dentist, Penn Dental Medicine, has resolved many, many instances of these three problems. Here we explain what they are and how you can prevent them.

  1. Tooth Decay.  Yes, it’s what your mother always talked to you about when you were younger: “Brush your teeth so you don´t get a cavity!” Yet, despite these wise words in many an American home, tooth decay is the second most prevalent disease in America, and the #1 most prevalent disease in childhood! Cavities are produced when plaque combines with the sugars of what we eat. This dangerous combination produces acids, which feed on tooth enamel. 

    Tooth Decay Prevention: Brush your teeth twice a day and floss carefully at least once a day. Don’t eat high quantities of sugary foods and when you do eat sugar, wash it down with water. Go to your regular dental checkups to catch potential cavities before they’re born.

  2. Gingivitis.  This precursor to gum disease can be nasty. It starts out with gum sensitivity and bleeding when you floss. Your gums should NEVER bleed when you floss. If you are noticing gum recession, then you’re seeing a red flag for gum disease. Gum recession is dangerous because it exposes part of your teeth, making them less stable and more likely to fall out down the road. 

    Gingivitis Prevention: Flossing is especially important in preventing gum disease because it removes the plaque that’s often closest to the gums. Listerine that is approved for gingivitis has been effective in maintaining clean, healthy gums (and good breath, too!) If you have chronic problems with gingivitis/periodontal disease, it is important for you to go to a dentist as soon as possible so that you can get treatment. There may be underlying conditions involved.

  3. Tooth Erosion.  This is like dental decay in that it is caused by acid attacking your tooth enamel. It’s different because it involves loss of tooth structure. Symptoms of tooth erosion range from simple tooth sensitivity to cracking. It’s more common than people may think, but you can take steps to prevent it from happening. 

    Tooth Erosion Prevention: Go to the dentist for your cleaning every 6 months. As part of a regular procedure your dentist will take x-rays of your teeth and will be able to see symptoms of tooth erosion long before you can detect it. Your daily care of tooth brushing and flossing is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure that you don’t experience tooth erosion.

If you suspect foul play in your mouth, don’t wait. Prevention steps can come after, too, once your dentist has treated your current symptoms. Your Conshohocken affordable dentist, Penn Dental Medicine, can help you resolve your dental problems and take steps to a more secure future. Our specialties cover a range of different dental problems. Call today for an appointment with the most affordable dentist you’ve ever visited. You can reach us at  215-898-8965.


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