Dental Clinic NearbyAre you in pursuit of exceptional dental care for yourself or your family? Having difficulty balancing your standards of quality with the realities of your budget?

Finding a teaching dental clinic nearby might be the ideal solution you’ve been looking for.

Receiving care from a renowned, reliable Philadelphia dental clinic is a net gain on all accounts. Clinics enable access to top dental institutions. They present the opportunity to promote the advancement of some of the nation’s most promising dental students. And, importantly, they provide an affordable alternative to standard dental practices.

Introducing Teaching Dental Clinic Care

Many patients are unfamiliar with dental clinics. Allow us to introduce you to the nature and unique benefits of receiving care at a university-based clinic.

Teaching dental clinics are medical practices that are associated with educational institutions. They provide a setting for qualified dental students to gain practical training experience. Clinics are quality controlled, meaning that student dentists are closely monitored by professional dentists.

Dental clinics offer the same comprehensive dental care as top dental practices. All methods and equipment used must meet the highest standards of current dentistry. In fact, because of their association with leading universities, clinic facilities often feature the most advanced, cutting edge tools and technology available.

Discover Penn Dental Medicine: A Teaching Dental Clinic Nearby

Penn Dental Medicine is Philadelphia’s most advanced and renowned teaching dental clinic. That’s because of its association with The University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League university located in Philadelphia.

The University of Pennsylvania features one of the nation’s top rated dental programs. That means that when patients undergo care and treatment at Penn Dental Medicine, they are being treated by tomorrow’s top dentists, and their care is overseen by today’s leading dental professionals.

Not only does Penn Dental Medicine provide the exceptional care of Penn student doctors and faculty dentists; it likewise features the most advanced dental equipment, technology, and methods in the medical field. And because it is a teaching clinic, Penn Dental Medicine offers highly affordable rates that make the very best care accessible to patients of all economic backgrounds.

If you’re asking “where can I find a teaching dental clinic near me?”, look no further than Penn Dental Medicine.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment at a dental clinic nearby, contact Penn Dental Medicine today.