dental erIn 2010, the American Dental Association reported that there had been a significant increase in dental emergency room visits. The data shows that in 2000 1.1 million people headed to the emergency room for dental issues, and that number has steadily increased to 2.2 million by  2010. It turns out that these patients had waited until their toothache or dental issue reached such a severe point that they had to be prescribed antibiotics and pain medication.

So how can you avoid Dental ER visits?

Generally, a hard and fast rule is to brush twice a day, floss daily, and see your dentist regularly. This continued effort to keep your smile healthy is the best way to stay out of the emergency room for dental issues. However, dental emergencies can still occur when injuries to the mouth result in knocked out, loosened, fractured teeth. Other dental emergencies occur when a person has delayed care for an infected tooth causing swelling in the mouth, face, and neck area.

Who to Contact in a Dental Emergency

When people are facing dental emergencies, they often aren’t sure where to turn. They might look for dental offices with emergency services, but if the injury is to the mouth and face, most  tend to head to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.

If you ever encounter a dental emergency, know that you can count on Penn Dental Medicine to be there. We maintain an ongoing emergency dental care services.  Emergency treatment appointments are available throughout the day, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., by calling us at 215-898-8965.

Dental ER Visits After Hours

If you suffer a dental emergency after hours, on the weekend, or during a school holiday involving severe pain, bleeding, or swelling, contact us at 215-898-8965. You’ll hear a prompt that provides directions to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania or your nearest hospital.

Be advised that if you have a dental ER visit, doctors will likely only prescribe you pain medication and/or antibiotics for an infection. Emergency Room doctors will not replace any dental appliances. If you have to visit the ER, be sure to call your regular dentist during the next available open hours to schedule an appointment to assess the damage and begin the necessary procedures to remedy the issue.

Don’t wait for a dental emergency to happen before you start caring for your teeth! Make your smile happy and healthy by visiting Penn Dental Medicine for all your dental service needs.