Dental PhiladelphiaAs the second largest city on the east coast, Philadelphia is home to more than 1.5 million residents. That means there is a significant need for quality dental care. But, with a city this large, that also means that there are options. Where can you find quality, trustworthy dental care in Philadelphia?

Because Penn Dental Medicine is a teaching dental clinic, we are able to provide quality dental care at an affordable cost to our patients. At Penn Dental Medicine, you’re not just getting quality care from our student doctors; you’re also being seen by some of the best instructors and educators in the industry. However, our educationally-focused clinic isn’t the only reason people choose us for their dental care.

3 Reasons You Can Trust Penn Dental Medicine for Your Philadelphia Dental Care

  • Comprehensive Care
    Our student doctors are training in all areas of dental specialties so it makes sense that we provide care for many dental health needs. When you become a patient at Penn Dental Medicine, you’ll benefit from all the specialized services we offer: general dentistry, endodontics, oral medicine, orthodontics, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics, radiology, and periodontics. With so many specialties under one roof, you can find the customized care you need, without traveling all over the city.
  • One Location
    We provide one central location for your dental needs. In the heart of Philadelphia, you can access our dental clinic by bus, train, car, or even on foot. So you’ll know where to go each time you come and see us, and you don’t have to find a separate practice for specialized dental care. Our welcoming environment makes our patients feel comfortable.
  • Commitment to Patients
    Our patients are vital to what we do, and because of that, we are focused on their specific needs. We want you to see for yourself what some of our patients had to say about our dental clinic in Philadelphia:

They ask everything they need to know that’s pertinent to your health… they can give you all the protocols to take care of your [health]. It’s just great! I love it!” – Marlene | Patient, Penn Dental Medicine

As a Penn Dental [Medicine] patient, it’s been really convenient due to location, just really easy to get to as I travel all around the city. – Alex | Patient, Penn Dental Medicine

To learn more about Penn Dental Medicine or to schedule an appointment contact us at (215)898-8965.