It’s no surprise that Americans avoid seeing the dentist out of fear… but it might not be the type of fear you’d expect.

Above all, Americans are afraid of the dentist fees, including for something as routine as a dental checkup!

In fact, according to the 2013 U.S. Survey of Dental Care Affordability and Accessibility the two main reasons Americans avoid going to the dentist are high dental fees and not knowing the cost of an appointment. According to this same survey, Americans without insurance tend to skip preventative care altogether. They feel that the only time a dentist is needed is when something is wrong. Unfortunately, waiting for something to go wrong can be more costly than paying for the preventative care that they avoided.

The good news is that there are affordable ways to get the preventative and restorative care you need without shelling out for astronomical dentist fees … and here’s how!

Lower Dentist Fees With Dental Schools

You shouldn’t put your oral health on hold just because you’re afraid of what you’ll have to pay for a healthy smile. The cost-effective alternative to private practice dental offices is dental schools, and here’s why:

At Penn Dental Medicine, we provide low-cost dental care for any dental treatment, large or small. Because we are a teaching clinic, we don’t operate as a for-profit private practice. As we teach and mentor the next generation of top-tier dentists, you’ll receive deeply discounted dental services by participating in our educational/service mission.

Don’t let the idea of dentists-in-training discourage you. Our student dentists are not amateurs. They are at the final step of their schooling and are supervised by expert dentists. That’s why you’ll receive even more thorough care than you would elsewhere. With a student doctor and our expert dental instructors, you’ll receive high-quality care– with two dentists–at a fraction of the normal cost!  

At Penn Dental Medicine, our goal is to keep your smile healthy without making you have to worry about affordability. We are committed to making that happen. Contact us today to see how you can become a patient.