emergency dental care philadelphiaWhile we can’t predict every emergency that happens in life, we can take steps to be prepared. This is especially true of dental emergencies. Knowing how to respond and where to turn for emergency dental care in Philadelphia can make a huge difference in the outcome of your situation. Take a few minutes now to read through the following steps:

How to Find Emergency Dental Care in Philadelphia

  • Remain Calm. In any emergency, it is important to remain calm, so you are able to deal with the situation in a reasonable manner. If you sense that you are beginning to panic, take a moment to focus on your breathing. This can help you to relax and clear your mind. Then, you can restore your focus to the situation and take the next steps necessary.
  • Assess the Level of the Emergency. Next, assess the extent of the situation at hand.  Dental emergencies can range from toothaches to cracked or knocked out teeth. In severe cases, a dental emergency may occur in conjunction with another injury. If there is severe swelling, uncontrolled bleeding, or a greater injury to the head or face, seek immediate medical help by dialing 911 or going to the closest emergency room.If your dental emergency does not call for immediate medical attention, move on to understanding the injury that has occurred preventing further damage.
  • Take Steps to Preserve The Tooth & Prevent Further Damage. The best response will depend on the type of injury involved.  For example, a knocked out tooth can be preserved in milk until you are able to see a dentist. For a cracked tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water, and keep swelling down with a cold compress. For a toothache, rinsing the mouth with warm water and removing any food caught in the teeth with dental floss can help to relieve the situation until professional help can be accessed.
  • Contact Your Dental Care Provider. Once any immediate risks have been mitigated, contact your dental care provider. Explain the situation to them, and ask for their earliest available appointment.  Many dentists reserve time each day for such emergencies. If you do not have a regular dentist, you can turn to Penn Dental Medicine for emergency dental care in Philadelphia.

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**The information provided in this article is not meant to replace medical advice. Please dial 911 if it is a true medical emergency.