Penn Dental Medicine Features Affordable, Elite-Grade Dental Care

Advanced, top-quality dentistry. Cheap dentistry. They may seem like the two extreme ends of the family dentistry spectrum—and, in most cases, they are. For the majority of practices, low rates indicate low quality whereas cutting-edge, specialty treatments performed by leading dentists almost always equal high costs.

That’s what makes Penn Dental Medicine so exceptional. Rather than providing inferior care or minimal services, Penn Dental Medicine presents patients with an alternative to conventional dental practices.

What is the nature of this alternative treatment route? How can Penn Dental Medicine afford to provide elite-grade care without charging standard (high) rates? We answer these questions and more below!

Cheap Dentistry and Other Foreign Concepts: Eight Q&A’s

Q: How can Penn Dental Medicine provide care that is both top-grade and highly affordable?
A: In short, Penn Dental Medicine is a teaching dental clinic rather than a conventional dental practice. This enables us to offer a superior grade of care for low rates.

Q: What exactly is a dental clinic?
A: A dental clinic is a dental office that is directly associated with a medical school. In a clinic setting, care is provided by advanced students of the featured medical school, under the direct supervision of licensed dental professionals. This means these students receive the applied training they need while patients have access to more affordable dentistry.

Q: Why is dental care at Penn Dental Medicine so exceptional?
A: What sets Penn Dental Medicine apart from other dental clinics is the specific dental program and university it’s associated with: University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine. As one of the top dental programs in the nation, UPenn’s students are among the most skilled and well-educated. Student dentists practicing at Penn Dental Medicine have access to UPenn’s advanced dental resources, technology, and treatment methods, ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care available.

Q: Who will provide my care at Penn Dental Medicine?
A: Prior to receiving dental care at Penn Dental Medicine, you’ll fill out an application and have an initial appointment to determine candidacy for our clinical program. If you are a good fit, we’ll pair you with one of our student dentists who will provide you with attentive, personalized care.

Q: Is the range of treatments available at a dental clinic limited?
A: At many dental clinics, only basic services are available, such as general dentistry. Because Penn Dental Medicine is such an advanced clinic, however, we are able to offer patients a full spectrum of affordable specialty dentistry services. These include endodontics, oral medicine, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics, and radiology. Of course, general dentistry is provided as well.

Q: How do rates compare with conventional dental practices?
A: The rates featured at Penn Dental Medicine are considerably more affordable than the costs of comparable services at dental practices. The specific rate you are given will depend upon the type of treatments you undergo.

Q: How can I receive a rate estimate?
A: During an appointment, patients are advised on the recommended treatment they need (as well as alternative options,) and a treatment plan is agreed upon. This treatment plan includes the featured fee; cost estimates are based upon current fees at the time the treatment plan is signed. At every subsequent visit, your student doctor will inform you about the costs of succeeding procedures so that there are no surprise expenses. For further clarification, you can always speak with your student doctor.

Q: What types of payment options are accepted?
A: Penn Dental Medicine accepts most major dental insurance plans and a variety of payment methods. Cash, personal checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards are accepted. Financing options through third parties are also available for qualifying patients.

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