Discover affordable dental crowns that won’t break your budget!

Affordable Dental CrownsMany people avoid seeing the dentist – even when they have broken or fractured teeth! – simply because they can’t afford the expense of the required repairs. Unfortunately, the cost of avoiding treatment and neglected teeth nearly always ends up being worse than the original problem. The good news is, Penn Medical Dental can help with affordable dental crowns and other dental care and interventions!

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a hollow, artificial tooth that fits over your damaged natural tooth or a dental implant. Crowns may be constructed from of different types of materials; your dentist will help you decide which material or combination is the best fit for you based on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and body chemistry.

Why Might I Need One?

A wide variety of patients can benefit from dental crowns, particularly those who have/ had:

  • A missing tooth and/or need for a bridge
  • A dental implant that needs covering
  • A cavity that is too big for a filling
  • A tooth that is overly worn down, fractured, or otherwise significantly weakened
  • A previous root canal treatment (to protect the restored tooth)
  • Low confidence due to a discolored or misshapen tooth/teeth

How Do Affordable Dental Crowns Help?

The main functions of dental crowns are to restore the tooth’s shape, appearance, and function, as well as protecting it from further damage. Dental crowns are a secure way to fill gaps, helping you to bite and chew better and thereby positively impacting your body’s other processes (especially digestion) and overall health. Best of all, they can restore your confidence as you feel better about your smile!

The Prosthodontic team at Penn Dental Medicine provides affordable dental crowns or other high quality dental care for our patients.  We welcome your phone calls and applications. Contact us today!


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