Life would be easier if every question had one concrete, infallible answer. Some questions are riddles, rhetorical, or ridiculous. If you’re asking yourself if you can trust a cheap dental clinic, you’re probably wondering what category of answer you’ll get, or if cheap dental clinics even exist. Every source says something different, each site crying “Yes!” or “No!” at the top of their lungs.

When the information age is used to play the deception game, how can you know who to trust? This guide is designed to help you determine whether or not a cheap dental clinic is right for you.

How to Determine the Trustworthiness of a Cheap Dental Clinic

cheap dental clinic
  • Check your sources. Where are you getting your information about that ‘free dental clinic’? While there’s no hard-and-fast rule to evaluating websites, you can try to find a .gov or a .edu website that can confirm both the existence and the legality of the supposed low-cost dental clinic. The American Dental Association is another good source to vet cheap dentists. Here is an example of where looking a gift horse in the mouth is a good idea. Especially since dental work is never a ‘gift.’
  • Look for the hook. Is there a caveat to getting cheap dental care? If so, is it something serious along the lines of ‘give us your credit card information, social security number, and birth certificate’? If not, know that it might be through a dental school. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it might not be what you’re looking for.
  • No news is not good news. Whoever this low-cost dentist is, if no one has ever heard of them and there are no reviews to be found, steer clear! When information flows freely across digital highways, no longer limited by word of mouth, it’s never a good sign that there be no information on a company. Don’t be persuaded by a flashy advertisement. Seeing is believing, and you don’t want just anyone having access to your pearly whites.
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