According to the American Dental Association, 59% of adults said they don’t see a dentist regularly due to cost, and another 21.3% of adults said that haven’t seen a dentist in a few years.

The ADA also listed fear of the dentist and the inability to find a conveniently located dentist or appointment time as two of the top three reasons Americans aren’t visiting a dentist.

If you’re one of the many Americans foregoing dental care due to cost, then discount dental care can help you get the important oral health care you need. Surprisingly, many people believe that oral health isn’t as important as general health. The reality is that the bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities can also affect the rest of your body. There is increasing research and evidence that the health of your mouth can affect the health of your entire body.

Conditions Linked to Oral Health

  • Pregnancy and Birth: Periodontal disease is a risk factor for pregnant mothers and their babies. The bacteria and inflammation caused by periodontal disease has been known to stimulate labor, causing preterm birth or even low birth weight in babies.
  • Endocarditis: Endocarditis is an infection of the inner lining of the heart. Bacteria from other parts of the body can spread through the bloodstream causing issues like endocarditis. When someone suffering from gingivitis (gum disease) brushes or flosses their teeth, causing their gums to bleed, there is an open channel for the bacteria to travel through the body and attach to problem areas in the heart.
  • Cardiovascular Disease: Some research indicates that oral bacteria can be linked to issues such a cardiovascular disease and stroke, due to the inflammation caused by the bacteria found in the mouth.

Take Advantage of Discount Dental Care

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