General Family Dentistry: One of Penn Dental Medicine’s Specialty Services

Is every member of your family visiting the dentist regularly?

The importance of routine dental care is grossly underestimated in the United States. It is estimated that some 15.4% of children and 35.6% of adults have not had a dental appointment in the past year (note: people of all ages are advised to visit the dentist every six months.) Neglecting to schedule a routine appointment can have real consequences. According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 18% of American children and 31.6% of American adults have untreated dental cavities.

What’s keeping you and your family from receiving regular dental care? Whether it’s budget, inconvenience, or a lack of quality options, family dentistry in Philadelphia from Penn Dental Medicine can deliver the exceptional, reliable care your family needs.

Specialty Services for Every Age Group

shutterstock_178895009Dental specialists tend to focus on one particular area of expertise within dentistry. General Philadelphia family dentistry and Pennsylvania family dentistry practices, often lack the on-site specialized services that many families need, such as orthodontic or prosthodontic care.

Penn Dental Medicine represents a convenient, reliable alternative to either of these practice models. By offering comprehensive family dentistry as well as cutting-edge specialty services and treatments, we provide comprehensive care that meets the diverse needs of each of your family members.

  • Dental Care for Children and Teens
    For young children with developing oral physiology, two dental check-ups per year should be the bare minimum. Children need to have their dental development closely monitored; other comprehensive care procedures, including cleanings and fluoridation, are of particular importance for this age group. That’s why Penn Dental Medicine features student dentists who specialize in pediatric dentistry and work under the supervision of expert pediatric dentists. Our specialty pediatric services ensure that your children have the type of attentive, personalized preventive care they need, as well as advanced pediatric treatment options for the dental issues that affect children.

    For older kids and teens, specialized orthodontic services can be of critical importance. Our orthodontics department has the skills and resources needed to effectively diagnose and treat improper bites and irregular positioning of teeth and jaws (as well as adults who did not receive proper orthodontic correction when they were younger.) Penn Dental Medicine provides families with a full range of treatment options based on the particular needs and desires of our patients.
  • Dental Care for Adults
    Normal oral development may come to a stop once you reach adulthood, but that doesn’t mean that dental care becomes any less important. As mentioned above, 35.6% of adults fail to visit the dentist even once a year. This leads to a variety of undiagnosed issues that could be avoided with adequate preventive dental care. These issues may range from undiagnosed cavities to oral cancers. Furthermore, though normal development may stop prior to adulthood, the teeth may continue to move, necessitating corrective treatments. The comprehensive dental care services and screenings provided at Penn Dental Medicine help you to maintain your oral health, while our specialized services can effectively address any conditions or issues you may have.

    Specialties featured at Penn Dental Medicine include:

  • Dental Care for Seniors
    As patients age, dental health can deteriorate without proper care and maintenance. Because of this, general dentistry check-ups are essential for senior citizens. For older patients who have already experienced oral or dental degradation, a wide range of services are available to repair any damage that has been accrued. The Penn Dental Medicine department of prosthodontics may be of particular interest for senior dental patients.

    Prosthodontists specialize in comprehensive dental care and the treatment of issues such as missing, damaged, decayed, or fractured teeth and dental bone structure. Services offered by the student prosthodontist specialists at Penn Dental Medicine include the fitting and installation of dental prosthetics, crowns and bridges, dental implants, dentures, and dental hybrids. These treatment options are important for seniors who are experiencing dental wear-and-tear associated with aging.

Family Dentistry at Philadelphia Penn Dental Medicine: Schedule Your Appointment

Are you wondering: “Where can I find convenient, advanced, and affordable family dentistry near me?” Penn Dental Medicine is the answer you’re looking for. The qualified student dentists at Penn Dental Medicine provide comprehensive care and specialized services that are ideally suited for all age groups and each member of your family.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment for Philadelphia family dentistry at Penn Dental Medicine, please contact us today.