Dental care is essential for maintaining your comprehensive oral health. That’s why selecting the right Pennsylvania dentistry is a top priority for PA patients.

Penn Dental Medicine Provides the Top Pennsylvania Dentistry Services

Where can you find a Pennsylvania dentist that meets your expectations? Before you can answer that question, you first need to establish what qualities you’re looking for. To help with your decision making, we’ve outlined the various types of PA dentistry practices.

  1. General Private Practice
    General private practices are common throughout Pennsylvania. They typically offer general dentistry services, such as cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental fillings. However, they typically do not feature the specialized services (such as prosthodontics or cosmetic dentistry), top physicians, or advanced methods of a specialty practice. They are, however, more affordable than specialized care.
  2. The Specialty Private Practice
    Elite-grade specialty dental practices feature more advanced services—but these services can come at a cost. The exceptional care at such practices is typically matched with high rates that make specialty dental services inaccessible for patients with financial limitations.
  3. The Dental Clinic
    Dental teaching clinics are dental practices that are associated with schools of dentistry. In these clinical settings, patients are treated by student dentists under the supervision of skilled professionals. These clinics feature rates that are typically lower than private  practices and, if associated with a top school, often provide top-grade care.

Penn Dental Medicine is a dental clinic that aims to provide the highest quality (and most affordable) Pennsylvania dental care. Penn Dental Medicine is the teaching clinic of the University of Pennsylvania’s renowned School of Dental Medicine. Because the school’s most promising students, under the supervision of some of the nation’s top dental physicians, provide the necessary care and make full use of the University of Pennsylvania’s cutting-edge technology, resources, and methods, Penn Dental Medicine exceeds top specialty practices in quality while offering the most affordable rates available.

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