Pennsylvania DentistsIt is recommended that patients of all ages visit a dentist for preventative care or dental treatments every six months. According to 2014 American Dental Association statistics, only 52.3% of adults and 64.6% of children reported that they had attended regular bi-annual dental visits.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for Pennsylvania dentists, you’re already moving in the right direction.

Neglecting regular dental check-ups, treatments, and preventative care can put your dental and general health in risk. That’s why finding the right Pennsylvania dental group is of such critical importance.

Introducing: Penn Dental Medicine

Are you looking for top-grade dentists in Pennsylvania? Penn Dental Medicine offers advanced care at affordable rates.

Student doctors provide their expertise and knowledge of both the art and science of dental medicine, all while being directly supervised by our experienced Penn Dental Medicine faculty. . Our outstanding team of oral health professionals posses specialty skills that span the full spectrum of dentistry. Furthermore, our practice proudly features dental experts who teach the next generation of practitioners, advance clinical dentistry through medical research, and serve at the renowned Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Dentists in Every Specialty Field

Many patients are in need of specialty dental care. That’s why Penn Dental Medicine features specialists in all major fields of dentistry, including:

From children in need of preventative cleanings, fluoride treatments, and check-ups to adult patients with serious dental diseases or decay, Penn Dental Medicine has the clinical expertise and advanced medical resources needed to put patients on the path to superior dental health.

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Whatever your age or dental condition, Penn Dental Medicine can provide you with the effective, attentive care that you need.

Penn Dental Medicine features multiple convenient locations in the Philadelphia area. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our Pennsylvania dentists, contact Penn Dental Family Practice today.