Penn Dental Medicine Features Specialized Prosthodontic Services

There are many different types of patients who are in need of dental implants near Camden.

Young athletes who have had a traumatic injury to the mouth and lost a tooth. Elderly people whose teeth have become compromised or lost due to gradual wear-and-tear. Patients with oral diseases or oral cancer that have left their teeth and gums in an unhealthy state.

Patients of these descriptions (and many others) are likely asking themselves, “Where can I get quality dental implants?” Without proper treatment from a specialized prosthodontist, dental issues associated with lost teeth can rapidly worsen and cause serious complications. From gum diseases to an impaired bite and mouth structure, the price of neglecting a prosthodontic treatment like dental implants can be severe.

At Penn Dental Medicine, we are proud to offer the most advanced and affordable dental implants near Camden for patients of all types.

Roadblocks on the Route to Dental Recovery

Unfortunately, there are many factors that may prevent patients from pursuing the specialized prosthodontic care they need. Listed below are some commonly-cited roadblocks that prevent patients from receiving the treatments they need—including dental implants.

  • dental implants near camdenHigh Prices
    For many families, the high rates associated with specialized dental treatments are the number one factor preventing them from undergoing treatment. High dental implant prices cause many patients to pursue other, less effective treatment options (or to undergo treatment at an inferior practice).
  • A Lack of Specialty Services
    Does your family dentist install dental implants? Many general family dentist practices lack the facilities to provide dental implants and most do not feature an on-site licensed prosthodontist.
  • Repeated Referrals
    What happens when your dentist’s office does not offer prosthodontic services? You’ll end up being referred to a specialist. This pattern of off-site referrals will lead to more bills, more appointments, and more headaches.
  • Inconvenience
    Though most people would say that dental care is a priority, when push comes to shove, convenience matters. If dental practices do not feature convenient, central locations and flexible hours, many busy families who are balancing work, school, and more will be unable to pursue the dental care they need.

At Penn Dental Medicine, we’re committed to breaking down each of these roadblocks. Learn more about how we’re radically increasing the accessibility of advanced services—such as dental implants near Camden—for patients of all backgrounds below.

Penn Dental Medicine: Advanced Care for All

Affordability is a seemingly insurmountable problem for a number of patients. Specialists are expensive, leaving many patients to settle for subpar care. At Penn Dental Medicine, we offer an excellent alternative to expensive specialists that doesn’t require compromising quality. Because Penn Dental Medicine is a teaching clinic associated with the renowned University of Pennsylvania, we are able to offer highly affordable rates. Our student doctors possess the highest level of skills and have the most advanced medical resources available. Patients have access to elite-grade care at extraordinarily low rates.

Penn Dental Medicine features a full range of specialty services. In addition to specialist prosthodontists, we also offer specialized endodontics, oral medicine, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, and radiology services. All of these specialty services are available on-site, meaning that there is no need for referrals. And because Penn Dental Medicine is located in central Philadelphia with patient-friendly hours, patients can rest easy knowing that a lack of convenience won’t come between them and the dental implant treatments they need.

Schedule an Appointment for Dental Implants Near Camden

Are you in need of dental implants? We at Penn Dental Medicine are ready to provide you with the specialized care you need.

During your first visit at Penn Dental Medicine, you’ll meet with a faculty member. After a discussion about your medical history, a brief physical examination, and an oral cancer screening, we’ll be able to determine your eligibility for our treatment plans. If your candidacy is approved, we’ll pair you with a qualified prosthodontist to begin composing your dental implant treatment plan.

Dental implants near Camden can restore your oral health, your appearance, and your confidence. Schedule an appointment at Penn Dental Medicine today.