Learn the Steps of the PDM Dental Implant Treatment Process

If you have a missing or severely damaged tooth or multiple teeth, you are in need of dental treatment. You may even be looking for dental implants near Newark.

But do you know what the dental implant treatment process will actually entail?

Approaching treatment with an informed mindset doesn’t just give you confidence and peace of mind; it can help you prepare for the treatment process, resulting in a faster, more successful dental implant recovery.

At Penn Dental Medicine, we provide patients with advanced, effective, and affordable dental implants and prosthodontic specialty treatments. Furthermore, we prioritize individual patient care in our clinic. But why wait until you’re actually in our dental practice? Part of exceptional patient care is informing and preparing our patients—and we’ll begin doing so right now with this detailed look at what patients can expect from the dental implant procedure.  

Step 1: Initial Meeting
What will your first meeting at Penn Dental Medicine look like? First, you will meet with a Penn Dental Medicine physician who will speak with you about your medical history and perform a physical examination. This will be followed by more targeted diagnostic tests and services. These may include visual tests, such as X-rays. In some cases, casts are made to assess your jaw anatomy. Together, these tests enable your dentist to make a proper diagnosis of the nature of your dental damage.

Step 2: Diagnosis and Treatment Prescription
shutterstock_1162010284The next step in your treatment process is a proper diagnosis and the prescription of your particular treatment plan. In addition to dental implants, there are a number of other prosthodontic treatments or services that might be recommended for your condition. These include:

If you are advised to receive dental implant treatment, you may need to come in for another visit to create more castings and perform more preparatory procedures. In some cases, your next visit will involve the surgical installation of your new implants. Prior to surgery, it is important for patients to inform their dentists of any medications they are taking. Additionally, your surgeon may advise you to make certain alterations to your lifestyle, eating, and oral hygiene habits.

Step 3: Dental Implant Procedure
Now that you have received an official diagnosis and treatment prescription, it’s time to carry out the procedure.

Prior to this procedure, you will be given anesthesia. After that, your dentist will remove the remaining damaged tooth (or teeth.) The jawbone will be prepared for implant installation, which may involve a small amount of bone grafting. Then, titanium posts will be fitted (permanently) into your jawbone.

Following the installation of the rods, you will be sent home to recover for a period of time. Once sufficient healing has occurred, you will return to the clinic for the second stage of the procedure: abutment and crown fittings. Your dentist will place an extension of the metal post (known as an abutment) on the previously-installed posts. Either immediately following this step or after a short period of tissue healing, dental crowns (typically made of porcelain) created especially for your jaw will be placed on top of the previously-installed metal posts. Both stages of the surgical procedure are usually performed on an outpatient basis.

The recovery process following this procedure may take up to several months. Your recovery and progress will be closely monitored by the dentists at Penn Dental Medicine.

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At Penn Dental Medicine, we don’t just feature dentists who perform dental implants; we feature an entire specialty department dedicated to prosthodontic treatments. No matter the nature of your injury or the condition that caused your dental damage, our specialists will strive to provide you with a solution that restores your oral health and confidence.

Are you interested in a permanent, natural-looking solution to your missing or damaged teeth? At Penn Dental Medicine, we can provide you with high-quality dental implants near Newark at an affordable cost.

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