The 411 On Inexpensive Dental Care Around Center City

When you hear “inexpensive dental care around Center City,” what words jump out? Perhaps it’s seeing the words ‘inexpensive’ and ‘dental care’ in the same phrase, or even more shocking, ‘inexpensive’ and ‘Center City’ in the same phrase! Perhaps the word ‘inexpensive’ just doesn’t sound appealing to you. Whatever your objection or skepticism, Penn Dental Medicine has the answers for you!

Inexpensive Dental Care Around Center City: It’s A Good Thing

Finding inexpensive dental care in Philadelphia might not be a priority for you if inexpensive dental care isn’t even on your radar. Thanks to Penn Dental Medicine, it is now! Penn Dental Medicine often charges roughly half of what an average private practitioner would charge, meaning that the savings will surely count!

You might be thinking, ‘you’re saying that I can find inexpensive dental care in Philadelphia?’ That’s exactly what we’re saying. The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dentistry has a dental clinic attached to it, in a convenient location not ten minutes from Center City! And, you will not experience the delays you might expect in other dental clinics… because punctuality is one of the cornerstones of our practice culture.

Now you might be in the class of people that hears ‘inexpensive dental care around Center City’ and tunes out everything that follows the word ‘inexpensive.’ And while it’s true that inexpensive is often code for ‘cheap’ or ‘low quality’, that’s the farthest thing from reality with Penn Dental Medicine. Au contraire, Penn Dental Medicine lives up to the Ivy League standard set by UPenn, coming in in the top 10 dental schools in the nation. The region’s top dentists closely oversee the next generation of top dentists in every procedure. Imagine going to a dentist’s office where there was a zero-mistake policy, and any diagnosis was agreed on by multiple, very qualified doctors.

Here, inexpensive is a perk. The true gem is having the privilege of being worked on by a team of such dedicated, meticulous dentists. Whatever your reason not to search for inexpensive dental care around Center City before, it’s time to kiss it goodbye!

Come in today and see if you qualify to participate. You won’t regret it.