Did you know that 13% of working adults have skipped the dentist because of the cost? Even more surprising is that it’s not just those without dental insurance that skip the dentist. Most with private dental insurance forego seeing a dentist because their insurance only covers a maximum of $1,000-$1500.  Would people prioritize their dental health if there was an inexpensive dentist around the Philadelphia area?

With average costs varying from hundreds to thousands of dollars, it’s no wonder people are avoiding the dentist due to cost. Dental check-ups, cleanings, fillings and other dental procedures can vary from dentist to dentist. Below are average dental costs:

  • Dental Check-ups ~$280
  • Silver amalgam filling ~$50-$150
  • Tooth colored composite filling ~$90 – $250
  • Porcelain or gold filling ~$250 – $4,500
  • Resin crown ~$320
  • Porcelain fused crown ~$820
  • Full cast metal crown ~$770

Tooth extractions can vary widely from non-surgical extractions to surgical, multiple teeth to a single tooth, and all tooth extractions require some form of anesthesia. The cost of tooth extractions can vary from $75 or as high as approximately $650 or more.

The cost of visiting the dentist can add up, and those with insurance can quickly run out of their annual maximum coverage in no time, but would more people be inclined to receive regular dental care if there was an affordable option?

The reality is that everyone is always looking for a way to cut costs, even with dental care. At Penn Dental Medicine, you will receive quality care at an affordable cost. You’ll receive high quality comprehensive dental care by the hands of our student doctors who are taught and guided by our highly experienced faculty. And the best part is the affordability.

If you’re in need of an inexpensive dentist around Philadelphia area call Penn Dental Medicine at (215)898-8965


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