Is there such thing as an inexpensive dentist? This is a real question haunting people without dental insurance. Some people will wait for months for insurance from an employer to kick in before they go to the dentist. But even when you’re not covered, you can be sure that there is an affordable dentist out there for you. It’s just a matter of understanding your options.

An inexpensive dentist near Wallingford absolutely is real, and you can get care with or without dental insurance.

Penn Dental Medicine is not the first name you might consider if you’re looking for a cheap dentist. University of Pennsylvania may sound like anything but inexpensive. But in fact, our dental clinic operates out of the university as part of our dental school, allowing us to offer incredibly discounted prices on all dental and orthodontic procedures.

Any type of procedure or routine cleaning is provided at low cost to you when you choose Penn Dental Medicine. After assessing your specific dental situation and history, we offer you a customized quote and connect you with a dental student.

Will the process take a bit longer than it would at the average dental clinic? Yes, most likely.

Will you benefit from high-quality care overseen by seasoned professionals while you take advantage of very low prices? Yes, we guarantee it!

Pick up the phone and call 215-898-8965 or jump to our appointment page today to schedule your first visit with an inexpensive dentist near Wallingford, Penn Dental Medicine. Your teeth–and your wallet–will be glad you did.