These days, with health premiums skyrocketing and health care policies on the threshold of uncertain change, it´s essential to take advantage of discounted health care. And that includes your dental care. Many people do not understand the profound link that dental health has to your body’s systemic health. Problems in your mouth could be an indicator of a host of different problems in your body.

There’s no question: low cost dental care near Chester is an opportunity you can’t miss. Not only do you get dental care for the lowest cost on the market, but you receive high quality care from dentists-in-training at one of the nation’s most prestigious dental schools, Penn Dental Medicine.

Whether you’re looking for general dentistry or specialized care, have no fear. We treat a variety of conditions. Your general dentist will examine you to discern whether your symptoms require more specialized treatment–in which case you’ll be referred to a specialist dentist within the same practice! This keeps all your bills in one place and allows you to track your care through a single system.

What We Offer

Your general dentist can provide preventative services, such as cleanings and education on oral hygiene practice. You can also get restorative services, such as treatment for tooth decay, dental trauma, or gum disease. If you’re looking for a lower-cost option for children, you’ll love our pediatrics team. Our priority is for every child to feel comfortable at our office!

Payment Options

Penn Dental Medicine accepts most insurances and all Medicaid plans offered to residents of Southeastern Pennsylvania. You will have to contact your insurance company to know what services are covered. Any services above $300 require preauthorization from the insurance company before your student doctor can get started. If you are seeking financing options, this is available through Care Credit, a third-party provider.

To learn more about how to enroll in this unique option for low-cost dental services, fill out this form. Then, we’ll contact you ASAP to let you know the next steps!


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