Are you missing teeth? Do you find it hard to eat? Perhaps you’re looking for denture replacements or would like a more permanent solution to your partial dentures. At Penn Dental Medicine we can provide you with low cost dental implants near Center City.

Conveniently located in Philadelphia, Penn Dental Medicine is proud to serve its patients with the highest quality clinical care and expertise in every dental specialty. Our students and doctors here at Penn Dental Medicine are committed to providing comprehensive, patient-oriented oral health care.

What Can Low Cost Dental Implants Near Center City Do For Me?

Low-Cost-Dental-Implants-Near-Center-CityWe are happy you asked. Getting the dental care you need can be tough, especially on your wallet. Fortunately, we can provide you with payment plans (through Care Credit) and for a limited time, we’re providing a discount on your first visit.

Dental implants are the right choice when you are looking to:

  • Replace a single tooth without sacrificing the adjacent teeth
  • Keep your jaw bone well preserved
  • Have a natural-looking smile
  • Maintain healthy biting and chewing
  • Attain a more permanent solution, rather than removable dentures

Not only do we offer affordable dental implants near Center City, but we also provide you with a safe and trustworthy atmosphere. All of our student doctors are closely monitored by our faculty and staff to ensure that you receive the highest quality clinical care.

Since 1878 our clinics have been characterized by innovation, inclusion, and impact. With the latest technology and evidence-based practices, we recognize and respect the diversity of all patience coming into our care. We make a difference with our clinic outreaches, educational research, and comprehensive dental care.

To get started on your low cost dental implants near Center City, give us a call today at 215-898-8965.

Low Cost Dental Implants Near Center City | Low Cost Dental Implant Near Center City