Did you know these 5 facts? Getting a Low Cost Dentist Around New Jersey

Low cost dental care is in high demand, but not everyone has access to it. Many individuals go for years without dental problems but major issues can occur out of the blue. No one wants to find themselves in this tricky and dangerous situation. With that in mind, it’s never too early to begin your search for a low cost dentist around New Jersey.

Here are five facts you probably didn’t know about the state of dental care today:

  1. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 60-90% of children and 100% of adults have a dental cavity worldwide.
  2. Although cavities and the like is a dental problem affecting nearly everyone, dental care is not a required benefit of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). However, children’s coverage is a required benefit on all ACA plans.
  3. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, 36% of Americans have no basic dental insurance.
  4. If you want to talk numbers, that’s between 108 and 114 million Americans without any basic dental coverage.
  5. Dental schools offer one of the best bargains for high quality, low cost dentistry on the market. In the past, people have saved on operations that would have cost them double in a normal dental clinic. That’s because dental schools are educational in purpose, not profit-driven.

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