What happens if you get a cavity?

A cavity is made up of bad bacteria that use sugar to attack your tooth enamel. This creates a little hole in the tooth which, if not repaired, will just grow bigger.

Your options are limited at this point. You can wait for it to get really bad, and then go find a dentist who will have to do a major treatment (see “The Alternative Path” below). Or, you can take this opportunity to find a low cost dentist near Harrisburg, get your cavity treated the simpler way, and move on with your life.

The Alternative Path: Is it really the way you want to go?

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Not getting a cavity treated early on can lead you down a path of regret that only worsens with time.  An untreated cavity will continue to devour the tooth, destroying it so that it becomes very difficult to restore with a filling. When a good portion of the tooth is gone, only a
dental crown can fix it.

In some unfortunate situations, we’ve seen the tooth decay reach the pulp chamber, which is where it meets with nerves and blood vessels. When the pulp becomes irritated and infected, that leads to an abscess. An abscess is excruciatingly painful. These are usually treated with a root canal.  In other cases, the tooth decay is so severe that nothing can be done, not even a root canal and crown. In that case, the tooth must be extracted.

All this to say, all these procedures end up costing you more time and money than it would if you got it treated right away. Why not go the simple route?

Low Cost Dentist Near Harrisburg: Your (Quick) Solution

If you´ve decided that procrastination is not worth the cost, then it is time for you to find yourself a
low cost dentist near Harrisburg. Penn Dental Medicine can offer you that service. We’re about two hours out from Harrisburg, but with that two hours you’ll get an internationally recognized level of dentistry with the low prices of a dental school. If you have already put off seeking treatment, be sure you don’t wait any longer!  Even if you do need a more in depth solution, we can provide any procedure you need at a cost you won’t find anywhere else. Pick Penn Dental Medicine and get your cavity fixed ASAP!