low cost dentist new jerseyHave you ever had gingivitis? A cavity? Or even a root canal?

If you have, you know the painful feeling of the money leaving your pockets. Did you know that psychologists have been studying the pain of paying for decades? The pain of paying is based on the principle that some purchases hurt more than others. The more it hurts, the less people are willing to pay it.

Because dental costs can go so high and people may feel that it is an extraneous cost to their normal medical care, it’s common to find that the pain of paying a dentist is sufficiently intense to lead us away from the dental office. That’s especially because so few Americans have the benefit of dental insurance. According to the Children’s Dental Health Survey, 37% of Americans who needed dental work this year reported that they did not go to the dentist because of the expense. Obviously, the pain of paying would be less….if an insurance is paying for you.

Does a Low-Cost Solution Even Exist?

The problem could be simply solved if dental care was more affordable. There’s not much happening in the legislation to help us there, but what if there was a low cost dentist near NJ or PA that could help you get the dental work done at half the price of the average dental clinic, without sacrificing the quality?

Usually, when you pay less for something, it means you’re getting lower quality because more education and training almost always means higher rates.

We resolved this problem for you by providing a dental clinic that operates out of a dental school. Here at Penn Dental Medicine, you’re receiving the quality of a top-notch professional, because the professional is supervising the dental student administering treatment. You get the benefit of a team of specialists, at up to half the price just because the clinic operates out of the University of Pennsylvania.

Don’t let the pain of paying get to you and make you avoid getting the care you need. Call for a low cost dentist near NJ at Penn Dental Medicine, and you’ll be able to get everything you need at the lowest price on the market.

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