low cost endodontics around RittenhouseEven in cosmopolitan Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, many residents may not know the details of the many the specialties offered by dental care providers. One little known and little understood field of dental practice is endodontics.

Below we include 4 facts you probably didn’t know about endo in general, or about low-cost endodontics around Rittenhouse Square:

  1. “Endo” means INNER while “odont’ means TOOTH. Quite simply, endodontics is concerned with the inner anatomy of the tooth.  The tooth has three layers, which include the outer enamel, the dentin (made up of minerals, just like bones in the body), and the pulp chamber, containing nerve and blood vessels. The pulp chamber is what will be cared for by your endodontist.
  2. The most common endodontic treatment is called a root canal. What you may not realize is that the root canal is done in order to remove diseased pulp tissues from the pulp chamber. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is not a last resort. The treatment is done so that the tooth can remain intact over the oral cavity. After the operation, the cavity is filled in and a crown is placed over it.
  3. Endodontic surgery is called apioectomy. An endodontic specialist around Rittenhouse Square  has to take x-ray and CT scans to check the infection and plan the procedure. If a simple root canal isn’t sufficient, then an invasive surgery will be performed.
  4. You can get low cost endodontics around Rittenhouse Square from a dental school. Root canals can be expensive, and it’s dangerous not to go get the help you need because you think you can’t pay for it. Let Penn Dental Medicine save your tooth at a low price that only a dental school can offer.

Check out our endodontist department at Penn Dental Medicine, where you can save money on root canals without sacrificing quality of treatment. Call us today at 215-898-8965.