Why Patients Choose Penn Dental Medicine

When you injure your jaw or develop an oral condition that requires more than the care of a dentist, what do you do? Turn to an oral medicine specialist. A wide range of medical disorders that impact your oral and maxillofacial areas fall under oral medicine. If you are unfamiliar with this specialty, you may be wondering where you should go for care. We have the answer: Penn Dental Medicine is the best choice for oral medicine near Newark, New Jersey.

Why PDM for Oral Medicine Near Newark?

If you are unfamiliar with Penn Dental Medicine and our services, below is a list of qualities we hold dear. We are a short drive or train ride away from Newark, New Jersey. In other words, high-quality oral health care is closer than you might think…

  • Comprehensive
    One of the reasons Penn Dental Medicine is an exceptional choice for care is our vast array of services. From general dentistry to radiology to, yes, oral medicine, we have everything you and your family need.
  • oral medicine near newarkEducative
    When you come to us for care, one of our intelligent and highly-trained student dentists will evaluate your condition. All student dentists work under the direct supervision of professional faculty members. The combined input of both teacher and student make for an exceptionally clear and positive dental experience, every time.
  • Affordable
    Because we are a teaching clinic, we can offer our patients lower rates than other dental offices. In doing so, we assure patients, regardless of financial situation that they will receive the dental care and treatment they need.
  • Innovative
    Penn dentists utilize evidence-based practices; that is, we value the research we find in order to expand our knowledge of disease and treatments. Similarly, we apply the most advanced diagnostic technology and methods of care in our offices.
  • Trustworthy
    While we are dedicated to educating dental students, we are equally intent on informing patients about their own oral health. Honest and effective communication is essential in building trust between dentists and patients.

Schedule your appointment at Penn Dental Medicine soon to receive superior oral medicine care near Newark. For more information, call our office at 215-898-8965.