When you welcome a newborn into the world, they’re tiny and floppy and helpless. It can be unfathomable to imagine such a dependent little baby walking and running, let alone living their life as an independent adult. Whether that reality is frustrating or exhilarating depends on each person, but it remains an undeniable reality. You want to help your little one; you want to make the transition from mother’s arms to full-fledged adult as smooth as possible; you want to equip him or her as best you can.

In all of this prepping, don’t forget your little one’s precious smile. It’s sweet and perfect now, but time and poor hygiene can take a heavy toll. Some adults never feel at ease with their smile: they always cover their hand when they laugh, or in every photo they wear tight-lipped smiles. If you live in the Philadelphia area, it’s better to find a pediatric dentist in Philly now than to wait years until problems arise.

3 Reasons to Take Your Little One to See a Pediatric Dentist in Philly


  1. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Any pediatric dentist in Philly will tell you that the first dentist visit is not set at 6 years, but at 1 year of age! A pediatric dentist can help you identify any possible problem areas early on, minimizing the chances that your child will need braces or dental intervention later on.
  2. Save money in the long run. While many people throw away that little reminder card from their pediatric dentist in Philly, reasoning that it’s a non-essential expense, few people realize just how crucial regular cleanings and checkups are in avoiding expensive dental treatments later on (root canals, endodontic retreatment, implants, etc.,).
  3. Baby teeth are important! The formation of proper eating and speech habits depends largely on the health of your child’s baby teeth. They also create pathways for the adult teeth to follow down.

Don’t dismiss or underestimate the importance of good dental hygiene from a very young age. As long as your baby has teeth, they need to be cared for. Give your child the gift of a gorgeous smile; visit a pediatric dentist in Philadelphia!